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Aug 28, 2020

Welcome to BUSY BRIDE 101, Wedding Planning Tips for the bride on the go and I’m your host, Lisa G. McMillan, wedding and event planner at  Exquisite Events and Consulting. Today’s episode is “Backyard Wedding Wins During a Pandemic”. Planning a backyard wedding may seem as easy as 1-2-3 but I wanted to point out a few elements to remember as we’re still navigating through the pandemic and muddling through its constraints.

Tip Number 1: Depending on how much space or acreage you have in your backyard don’t fall in the trap of becoming too lackadaisical about the design, functionality, and most of all SAFETY of your guests and vendors.  So, let’s start with safety! At some point you’ll need electricity during your event. Even in this hi-tech world you probably don’t have wireless connectivity for all of your speakers, microphones, tent lighting, LCD projection or coffee urns. If you happen to fall in this category, I suggest you first,  identify where you’ll plug in your devices.  Then, hop in the car and get ready to buy a few power strips.

Most pros supply their own power cords and know exactly how to cover them up without injury to your guests. They apply cord covers, mats, or adhesives to hide cables and so should you.

Tip Number 2: Here’s another tip about safety. Add plenty of sanitizer in convenient areas for your guests. This is an outdoor event so place them at the back door of your home. Don’t forget about the small packets or pocket-sized bottles at each guest table.

Tip Number 3: When it comes to design your backyard wedding can be as modest or elaborate as you want. Figure out where you want to exchange your vows. Is it under a sprawling oak tree you climbed often as a child? Or is it in front of the babbling brook where you first kissed your fiancé? Wherever it is, create a ceremony space overflowing with romance. Soften the look of hard wood and metal fences with delicate fabrics or light foliage.  

Who said you couldn’t add clusters of flowers or ribbon on each side of the front and back rows? It’s your backyard, no rules here!

Tip Number 4: If, at the last-minute rain threatens on your wedding day, look no further than your living room to say “I-Do”.  No worries here! Just place enough chairs for the immediate family to sit and everyone else can stand during the ceremony. You wouldn’t believe how many times an unexpected afternoon shower has been the backdrop for some of the most meaningful and unforgettable weddings.

Tip Number 5:During the cocktail hour provide appetizers in individual sized containers or skewers. This is not the time for using the same serving spoon to scoop out spinach and artichoke dip. Let’s place a moratorium on unattended buffet stations which promote cross contamination. Yuk!

Tip Number 6: When considering the functionality of your backyard wedding keep in mind how to handle your rental items. I know delivery of tables, chairs and linens may be a fleeting thought. But like all events you must check in the quantity delivered against the amount you ordered. By the way, they should match. When ordering napkins always order 10-20 more. It covers any dropped during service or if the caterer needs any for display purposes.

Tip Number 7:  Make certain your tables and chairs are stored in a dry area away from moisture. Just make space in the garage or covered porch for this task. If you leave those items under your tent exposed without a tarp you run the risk of theft, wildlife destruction, and unanticipated weather issues.

These suggestions are just a few of many ideas for your backyard wedding. So, stay tuned for more!

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