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Mar 30, 2020

Welcome to BUSY BRIDE 101, Wedding Planning Tips for the bride on the go and I’m your host, Lisa G. McMillan, wedding and event planner at  Exquisite Events and Consulting. Years of planning weddings has given me focused insight towards organizing successful events. Budgeting, logistics, and constant interaction with others play a significant role in creating moments of a lifetime and dealing with the effects of COVID-19 Coronavirus and how we respond to it, is challenging but manageable. I realize you’re trying to figure out your next steps, don’t worry. I’m here to help YOU. Take a moment to listen to a few of my suggestions to get you started right now during this unprecedented time.

Tip Number 1:Your first decision is to figure out if you want to reschedule or cancel. If your wedding is set for the Spring of 2020 get on the phone and contact your vendors immediately. Determine what future dates are available. Communication is key. Be pro-active and initiate dialogue immediately.

Tip Number 2: Find out how much it will cost, if you decide to cancel your event. This means pulling out all of your vendor contracts and reviewing their cancellation policy. Pro Tip: Ask if your payment schedule will shift along with the new wedding date. 

Tip Number 3: If you change the date of your wedding you always have the option of having a civil ceremony with just the two of you. Then, once conditions are much better for all concerned, throw the biggest, baddest, party ever! Kazoos for everyone!

Tip Number 4: Update your wedding website with the latest information about your wedding. This is a convenient and effective way to communicate the most recent news, they can use. Other economical methods to deliver up to date details is through word of mouth, text, or email.

Tip Number 5: If you have a significant reduction in your original guest count here’s a way to recoup a few dollars. Run straight to your jam-packed 3-ring binder of wedding stuff and look for receipts? Are there any returnable items you’ve bought such as favors, décor, or candles? Unless its miniature bottles of sanitizer for everyone I would try and get my money back.

Tip Number 6:Please check updates regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus on the websites for the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Their links are in the show notes. We’re in this together, so let’s do this!

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