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Feb 3, 2020

In episode, DON'T MESS UP MY CLOSE UP: HAIR and MAKE UP TIPS, find out how to prepare for your hair and make up trial run. From what to bring to who to bring we cover the most important questions you will ask about getting your close up ready for the public to see on your wedding day. 

This Episode's Tips, Trends, and To-Do's  

Hair and Make Up for your wedding are one of the first scheduled appointments you attend the morning of your wedding and it will be an early morning.  I’m constantly asked how does one prepare for their hair and make-up services. Let’s take a few minutes to prepare you with a little advice for looking your best from the neck up!

Tip Number 1: Regardless if you’re having your hair and make-up provided by a beloved friend or by an established professional you must include on your to-do list, a trial run. A trial run helps you talk through the details of each brush stroke, eye lash choices, colors that look best on you and so much more during your one on one session.

Tip Number 2: Schedule your appointments around 2-3 months before your wedding day and bring someone you trust who can give constructive feedback when you need it most. So, don’t show up alone.

Tip Number 3: Wear a white or ivory blouse or top that buttons down the front so that it doesn’t mess up your hair when changing into another outfit.  Bonus points if the top you are wearing is the same shape as the upper half of your wedding gown.

Tip Number 4:  Arrive with dry hair and bring a boat load of photos as a helpful aid in describing to your expert an idea of what you have in mind. A picture speaks a thousand words.

From bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, and even the precious flower girls all of them want to be included in those services. Ask how much will it cost to include them. This is an eye-opening conversation because it opens the discussion about pricing, how long it will take to perform services for all of your ladies, and if day of services should be offered in the salon or offsite at your hotel.

Tip Number 5: During the trial run it is imperative that you speak up whenever you’re not pleased with your look. For example, if the foundation is too heavy looking, the eyeshadow is darker than expected, or the braid is too bulky, let them know on the spot about your thoughts. It won’t hurt their feelings and they encourage clients to be vocal so they can get it right before you leave and especially get it right on your wedding day.

Tip Number 6: If you have sensitive skin or allergic to any products inform the hair and make up expert upfront. A long time ago I had a bridesmaid to arrive to the ceremony with puffy, red eyes. Come to find out she was allergic to the mascara applied and she never scheduled a trial run. Needless to say, “Don’t be that person!”

Tip Number 7: Here’s a couple of items that brides forget to bring to their trial run, it’s the veil, the decorative and sparkly hair combs or even the earrings. All of these items will help to give you a complete look once the services are finished. So, pack those items for your visit.

Tip Number 8: Ask if there is a minimum number of ladies needed to book their services.

Tip Number 9: Your hair and make up artist will gladly discuss their fees and follow up with a copy of their contract and an explanation of the payment schedule along with the deposit amount to secure their services.

Tip Number 10: If your services are going to be held in a hotel make sure there are plenty of electrical outlets, a room with ample natural light  and a chair with a low back. Oh, don’t forget the gratuity.  

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