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Oct 11, 2020

Welcome to BUSY BRIDE 101, Wedding Planning Tips for the bride on the go and I’m your host, Lisa G. McMillan, wedding and event planner at  Exquisite Events and Consulting. Today’s episode is “Pivot My Wedding, Now”. When ringing in 2020 who knew how the upcoming year would unfold. Many have proclaimed this as the worst year ever! You may find yourself scratching your head wondering on occasion how your wedding plans were hijacked, and why things quickly started spinning out of control.

But it's easy to label 2020 as a horrible period during your lifetime.

Let's journey deeper and recognize your achievements or as I like to call them, victories as you plan your wedding.

Victory Number 1: While postponing your event you learned how to decrease your guest count without looking like the bad guy. Look, you knew when you first created your guest list there were folks you really didn’t want to invite. This gave you the “out” you needed. So, instead of spending hordes of money on mediocre meals and drinks you decided to pivot and you chose to either one, splurge on elevated meals and signature drinks due to the smaller size or two, pocketed the cash and funneled it towards a down payment on your new home together.

Victory Number 2: Remember the lighting package which included spotlights directed at each guest table and splashed along the walls for a burst of color? As an alternative, you and your fiancé came to a consensus to string an amazing canopy of twinkle lights on the patio in your parent's backyard. For added dimension and texture to your centerpieces you draped eucalyptus garlands and boat loads of candles to each dinner table. This is such a cost savings and it is just as beautiful as your original design concept.

Victory Number 3: The initial idea was to illuminate your custom designed monogram onto the dance floor. When all along it became more interesting to view as it glowed on top of the water of your swimming pool surrounded by floating luminaries along the edges. Now, that’s how you stretch your imagination! It’s a game changer.

Victory Number 4: Your 85 year old grandparents who are unable to be present at your ceremony eagerly await to watch you exchange your vows by live streaming it in their home as your cousin uses her laptop for easy viewing, safely set up in the living room. 

Victory Number 5: Nothing beats a huge multi-tiered wedding cake with flowers cascading down one side of it. Even though your guest count was significantly down-sized, shockingly, you can still have your dream wedding cake. Your pastry chef can create a fake cake with multiple tiers. Each layer is made with foam and the outside has REAL icing! Unbeknownst to your attendees, the top tier is edible in your favorite flavor. Here’s how it works, once you cut your cake, the cake table is wheeled off to the kitchen where slices of sheet cake are plated and served with ease. You can have your cake and eat it, too!

When you sit back and reflect on all the memories 2020 has brought your way, remember the good times. Yes, it includes the unexpected and the unprecedented. However, it’s uncovering your renewed energy to face changes head on, to create unique and budget saving options but most of all to celebrate love and togetherness. I'm not making light of the lives taken or financial burdens brought on by the pandemic. I simply ask you to rejoice in the happiness that only love can bring during tragedy. Continue to marvel at how you find solutions to a problem you didn't create or could control. You ROCKED 2020 and that's something to be proud of and celebrated!

Thanks for listening to BUSY BRIDE 101, Wedding Planning Tips for the bride on the go!

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Always remember, your wedding is for the two of you!

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