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Mar 4, 2020

In episode, "Wedding Cake: Do I Really Need One?" explores the options of various desserts to offer guests instead of cake. Special occasions are a great dessert option but not everyone likes cake. Here are just a few ideas to consider for your wedding reception.

This Episode’s Tips, Trends, and To-Do’s

So, let’s jump into our episode! Today’s PODCAST will cover the ever tasty topic of Wedding Cake: Do I Really Need One? Let me admit, I believe cake should be eaten at every celebration with a ½ cup of icing on the side to wash it down instead of a glass of milk. It’s my happy place. Now, for those of you who aren’t as enthusiastic as I am about cake I’ll provide you with several five alternatives to consider to offer your guests.

Tip Number 1: Pies, Tarts, and Cookies! During warm and humid receptions held outdoors these treats are more tolerant when displaying for a few hours. There’s less likely no melting of icing or perhaps your cake tilting like the leaning tower of Pisa. When discussing your options with your cake baker or pastry chef inquire about miniature sized versions which look absolutely chic on your dessert table. Let your creative side lead you and think about mixing the level and sizes of the platters. Try this, think displaying your sweets vertically  to create dimension instead of each item horizontally.

Tip Number 2: For those of you who want cake but not a multi-tiered and want to keep costs down cake consider ordering a small cutting cake It’s just big enough for you and your new spouse to cut and to feed each other.

Tip Number 3: Back in the day it was such a huge trend to order a wedding cake with fake tiers. You would never know some of the tiers were fake until you tried to cut it. This option gives you the appearance of a multi-tiered cake. Once you cut your ceremonial slice from the tier that is REAL, the cake table is wheeled away unbeknownst to your guest a sheet cake is available in the kitchen and cut and served on trays to everyone. Oh, the secrets of the wedding industry! HA, HA

Tip Number 4: Instead of cake I had a bride and groom totally change up the tradition of sharing their first bite of sweet deliciousness on their wedding day. They ordered huge tubs of various ice cream flavors and toppings along with platters filled with brownies. So, instead they shared their “FIRST SCOOP” in front of their loved ones. It was a HIT! To this day I still smile thinking about that moment.

Tip Number 5: Doughnuts, whether sprinkled with powdered sugar or simply glazed to perfection is a wonderful choice. Have you seen the doughnut walls or doughnut towers on the internet? It’s genius!  I once had a bride so obsessed with the love of Krispy Kreme doughnuts she bought the two pack containers for each guest and we displayed them on the table. Talk about easy set up, great take aways and Who Doesn’t Like A Doughnut?

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