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Feb 17, 2020

Flower Power: Discovering Your Floral Vision is for brides struggling with determining what color combinations, styles and floral types to use for their wedding. This easy step by step approach removes the anxiety of having to know anything about flowers and focus on your desire to have a beautiful event.

This Episode’s Tips, Trends, and To-Do’s

Today’s episode is entitled FLOWER POWER! Quite often I hear from my clients they know nothing about flowers and have no idea where to begin to express their floral style. Before you know it, they’re frustrated and downright unexcited about visiting any florist.

Whether you love flowers or simply swoon over willow branches adorned with twinkle lights, figuring this out should be fun and here’s a few tips on how to make your visit to the florist enjoyable.

Tip Number 1: Start by selecting one color, just one to begin forming your wedding palate. It could be the same hue as your bridesmaid’s dresses or maybe it’s a neutral color like the ever-popular blush or slate gray.

Tip Number 2: Go online and type in the one color you feel content with, for example, type in “blush wedding colors”. You would not believe the number of color combinations, it’s like a festival of mixtures and textures. So, now you’ve gone from one color to a myriad of beautiful coordinating accents.

Tip Number 3: Compile images of your newfound color scheme and store them electronically somewhere in the cloud, you know Google Drive, DropBox, or maybe in a folder on your computer.

Tip Number 4: Schedule an appointment with at least 2-3 florists. Let me back up, before you schedule that appointment please visit the galleries on their website or Instagram to see if their style is pleasing to your eye. 

Tip Number 5: You may not know the difference between a rose and a ranunculus or eucalyptus to ruscus, but you do know what you like when you see it. That’s why it’s the florist’s job to listen to you first as you show them your photos and discuss your wants or concerns.

Tip Number 6: Don’t forget to ask to look around their shop. Does it look clean and feel welcoming? Are there shelves of vases and vessels to display centerpieces? What about reams of ribbon, candle holders and mirrors? Seeing these items can easily jump start your inspiration.  

Tip Number 7: Even if you show up at your florists shop with no idea as to color, pattern, flower type consider this, a vendor who takes time to hear your ideas and can show you how they can expertly interpret your vision within your budget is a florist worth your time and money.     

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